New Episode! Why Middle School Is So Tricky with Jessica Speer


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Conversations moms care about

Lisa and her guests dive into topics that are top of mind for parents today. I always learn something new and feel connected as a parent after listening. Highly recommend!

Excellent Podcast

I just want to show some love for this podcast. Thank you for putting out a great show. I love everything y’all talk about on the show.

Refreshing and validating

Lisa’s podcast helps normalize parent struggles while offering practical advice and tips along the way. A must listen for any parent, especially if you feel alone in your parenting journey. You’re not, and Lisa helps bring that home.

Great Parenting Advice

Lively, informative interviews with great parenting advice. I love this podcast.

Wonderful podcast!!

Such a great podcast for moms! I love the realness of the hosts, and how each guest brings such a relatable story. I love all the tips and mom hacks! Keep up the good work ladies! ♥️

What a fun, informative show!

Tara and I loved being a part of this podcast! Lisa is such a natural. She’s delightful, inquisitive, and has her listener’s best interests in mind! Together, we dove deep into several helpful and realistic tips momz can put into place right away. Lisa goes above and beyond. You will love her flow, her vibe, and her passion. We were honored and blessed to be a part of this podcast! Thank you Lisa. Trina + Tara - Power Mom Co-Founders

Helpful and fun!

The way Lisa does the show is great. Just seems like you’re sitting with two friends having a conversation. Each episode has unique and helpful advice and is aimed to make moms feel like they’re not so alone, especially through the pandemic.

Amazing parenting pod!

A must for anyone with kids!