New Episode! Why Kids Won't Wear Coats with Sara Kostelnik
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Kendra Miller

I was raised in a traditional family of four in a suburb of New York City, with parents who are still in love to this day. I got my undergraduate and Physical Therapy degrees at SUNY schools and then worked in adult rehab for over a decade before starting a family. Once I became a mom, I switched gears and took an office job in utilization management, where I still am after 16 years (except now I work full time from home, which the cat appreciates very much). I am now a single mom of teenagers, one son and one daughter. I have learned a lot from my kids, and I hope they have learned a lot from me too. I enjoy singing, height seeking adventures, being outdoors in nature, country music concerts, and traveling to new places.

Look Who's Driving!

March 15, 2022

In this week’s episode, it’s all about teens and driving! Join me and my dear friend, Kendra Miller, as we discuss the coming of age fears and processes of teaching our children to drive. We talk about the journey of emotion…

Guest: Kendra Miller