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Jen Shepherd


Proud to call herself a Ninja Mom, Jen wrangles single mothering her 2 boys, Logan 13 and Hayden 10, their many pets, her private integrative physical therapy practice, aging parents and herself! As a recovering perfectionist and overachiever, she is a proud, lifetime student of the "school of hard knocks" and is learning limits, needs, abilities, energy use and boundaries. She loves playing ping pong and vacationing with her boys, snuggling with cats, playing the piano.

Starting Your Own Business

March 22, 2022

Meet Jen Shepherd, MSPT, CFMT, FFMT, FFAOMT a single mom of two boys, an entrepreneur, and classic “go-getter.” Join me for this week’s Real Life Momz as Jen shares her story of opening a new business while balancing the cha…

Guest: Jen Shepherd