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Jeanne (pronounced Zhenn - French or Cajun) AndrusProfile Photo

Jeanne (pronounced Zhenn - French or Cajun) Andrus

The Menopause Guru

Jeanne Andrus was 48 when perimenopause launched its sneak attack on her. Perhaps she should have been expecting it, but like so many of us, she hadn't gotten the memo. So, when depression, anger, and low libido kicked her out of her own life, she knew she had to do something. She did.

She got healthy, she got fit, and she got happy. Naturally. Holistically.

A few years later, she quit her corporate job to become a personal trainer and learned that her 40's and 50's clients were experiencing the same upheaval she had gone through and with the same lack of information.

And that signalled to her that it was time to dig in. learn what was going, and help her clients understand and cope with the changes in their lives. Her practice grew and morphed into what she calls Menopause Mastery Coaching.

Now, she's on a mission to spread the knowledge she's gleaned to women everywhere through her podcast "Menopause Matters," through her book, "I Just Want to Be ME Again!" and through appearing on podcasts like this one.

Menopause Is Normal with Jeanne Andrus

March 7, 2023

Why are so millions of women struggling with symptoms of Menopause without guidance? What is normal, and when do you need to be concerned? This week we are joined by the "Menopause Guru" and multi-author Jeanne Andrus. Jeann…