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Christina Monsolino

I have an LLC, I am a Mom, A Wife, A Sister, A Daughter, A Stepmom, A Grandmother, A Driver, THE Scheduler, A Maker/Organizer, Seeker of Artist in Self, Soul Searching and finding ways to do more Self Care!
Christina Monsolino is currently a Production and Facility Manager at CenterStage Theatre Company in Louisville, CO.
Christina has a lifelong love of theatre. At a very young age, she was in youth theatre as ensemble and then found her interest in roles of stage manager, set and props, winning a local honor for youth stage manager. For 12 years she also participated in an award winning acapella chorus. Her background includes work in various industries, all in management or coordinator positions. Her passion for Theatre, robust background and ease of multi-tasking and management, shaped her skill set to be a seamless fit for CenterStage/Tapestry Theatre Company.

Why Is It So Easy To Give But Not To Ourselves

May 31, 2022

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