Pausing To Reflect with Lisa Foster
Nov. 23, 2021

Welcome To Real Life Momz With Lisa Foster

Welcome To Real Life Momz With Lisa Foster
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Who do you go to when you need parenting advice? Join the journey of raising kids with Lisa Foster at Real Life Momz. Each week she will discuss a topic on parenting, share her personal, hilarious stories and recruit other parents to talk about the ins and outs of motherhood. Lisa is grounded, funny, honest, and authentic. Lisa's mission is to create a network of moms that support one another, share resources, and empower each other. We want you to become a part of this community.  Follow the Real Life Momz podcast and join our Facebook group at to become part of this interactive network.  No, we are not experts, just real moms, trying to figure it out together. 

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Have you ever called another parent for advice? Maybe it was for what diapers to buy or how to get my kid to do chores or bigger stuff like bullying. What do I do?

Well, welcome to Real Life Momz. I am Lisa, and I'm not an expert, but I'm just a real mom of two kids. Yes, there are lots of resources out there, lots of parenting books and resources, but what I really wanted and what I really need is real parents, real people, to talk to know that we're in this together, so that is why I am constantly calling my mom tribe for advice I called them for anything from really need to be in the car when my teen learns to drive to

fifth-grade math I don't know it I don't know how to help my son do math, so I called my mom tribe to ask some questions, and this makes me feel like I'm a part of something bigger, and that's what Real Life Momz is all about I'm inviting all parents to listen but also become part of a community of parents figuring out the ins and outs of raising their children, so we're going to discuss a topic. We're going to hear from real-life moms and their stories. Yes, sometimes you will have really great advice from it, and sometimes it will just be fun to hear other people struggling along with you, but I want you to be a part of this journey. I want to listen to your stories. I want to hear your questions.


So make sure you follow Real Life Momz podcast. Make sure you join Real Life Momz Facebook group so you can right now go on there, introduce yourself say hello tell us a little about yourself.

Let us know your needs. We are here to share our resources. We are here, and I'm so excited to have this journey with you; and we will see you on December 14 for the first episode of real life.