Pausing To Reflect with Lisa Foster
April 19, 2022

Thankful; My Real Life Momz Journey

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Season 1 is a wrap! :) Join me this week as I reflect on the incredible journey with my first season of Real Life Momz. I discuss the highs, lows and challenges of hosting my first podcast, but more importantly how it evolved me and enhanced my perspectives of parenting through the eyes and experiences of my guests.   You can expect more laughter and tears and “Aha” moments in Season 2, and the my lineup of guests, specialists and colleagues will keep you informed and coming back for more. Remember, when it comes to parenting….you are never alone!! Drumroll please….Season 2 begins on May 3, 2022. Please follow, rate, and review Real LIfe Moms on your favorite platform. Thank you all for supporting Real LIfe Momz season 1, and if you are looking for parenting support, please join our Real Life Momz Facebook group on --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.


Welcome to Real Life Momz. I'm your host, Lisa Foster and Real Life Momz  is a podcast where moms have real conversations, share resources, and tell their inspiring stories. Our mission is to connect moms by talking about topics that parents deal with every day and to continue these conversations through our Real Life Momz, Facebook group, where we would love for you to become part of our community today's topic is being thankful and this is season one last episode, and I'm reflecting on the season, all the lessons I have learned along the way and how this season has changed my life.


Hi, Real Life Momz community. This is Lisa Foster, your host of Real Life Momz. And this week I decided to switch it up a little bit since this is the last episode of seasoned one, but no worries before you get upset, season two will be coming out on May 3rd, so really shortly, but I thought the guest today, it would be appropriate to invite myself to be a guest on my show.

So here I am and today's topic is just being thankful, just being thankful so much because this journey on this podcast has been just life-changing for me, the podcast started out because I'm a physical therapist and I work with families and their children and what I was encountering, especially with the younger children, that the parents would come in for their weekly session and literally tell me that this was the only time they had left their home and saw another person. Granted, it was pretty high in COVID when we started and people were not getting out very much, but it just made me think that on my journey as a parent and as a person, I relied so much on the support I got from other moms, my family, and I was just seeing that that was not happening. And so here came Real Life Momz, but this journey was so much more than what I expected it to be.

I truly had no idea of the support that I would get from this podcast. What you guys may not know as listeners is that the guests come on just knowing a topic. They bravely step into this arena, if you will, and have no idea where the conversation is going to go. And I really felt like in this podcast, I needed it to be natural. I wanted to give other parents just real conversations that maybe they weren't getting.

And that conversation is really pure. So I thank all the guests that had bravely stepped on to this podcast and really walked this journey with me, you have all inspired me and truly changed me and all just through these simple conversations that we've had. I really take everything I learned on this podcast and apply it to my life.  A lot of the topics stem from things that I am just dealing with in my own life.  I take the information, and I put it into my daily life and have changed things for the better. So thank you all for being on the show and for all the listeners out there, I have to thank them because it's so nice to get that review or that comment that it changed something in your lives. And it's the support that I have gotten from the listeners that have truly, been incredible. And it is not going unnoticed.

I wanted to start this podcast to help a certain population. But what I found is it became infectious. Um, I found that I was getting notes from friends from listeners, just saying how that particular podcast I listened to was so helpful in their journey. And that just, I had no idea how many lives could be touched through this platform, but the biggest life I think that was touched is my own.

I can't believe how much I've changed in this process. This has stretched me beyond my belief. I am so far out of my comfort zone, um, that you have no idea, but I think my friends that know me well, know that even turning on a computer is a challenge for me, but that's what I've learned. That's what I've learned through this podcast, that there are so many supports out there, whether it's your friends, your family, moms, there's a whole podcast community that rose to my needs that I never even knew was there.

So I think what I'm saying is it's okay to step out of your comfort zone and it's okay not to know. So if you look around the support is there, we just need to ask, we just need to ask for that help. And there are so many resources to do that.

So whether it's a mom resource or anything, you're trying it's out there, so just know that you can, and it's okay if you don't know all the answers through this process, I have just learned that to be messy, to not be perfect, that mistakes we make along the way really make us who we are and make us relatable. And it's truly okay for others to see your true self because they want to, I didn't realize how many lives we can touch through these conversations, but Real Life Momz is not only helping moms not feel alone in this parenting process and not just giving a community to support parents, but it's also allowing moms a platform that they can also be heard.

So my biggest takeaway from this whole journey is just keep stepping out of your comfort zone, be yourself and know that you have an incredible community waiting to support you.

I can't wait for season two to start on May 3rd. We have so many amazing moms coming out. We have moms that have created retreats. We have moms that have written books for their children because they couldn't go to sleep. We have counselors and teachers and just all amazing moms coming to either tell their story or just have a conversation. And I'm so glad that you're on this ride with us. So how can you help support Real Life Momz, please follow us, follow us on Instagram,  on Facebook, on Tik TOK, whatever your favorite platform, follow us by supporting rate the shows, review them that helps other people find who we are. And if you're in need of support yourself, come on to that Facebook group, that is what it's meant for. It's meant for us to be cheering each other on and lifting each other up or answering questions, whatever it is you need.

That is what it's for. So I want to thank everyone for being part of season one journey. This has been truly a life-changing experience for me. I can't wait for season two to start on May 3rd. You can listen on Google podcasts, apple podcasts, Spotify, anchor, stitches, Amazon music, and audible, and don't forget to follow Real Life Momz, so you don't miss an episode. 

Thank you for listening to this season of Real Life Momz, season two will begin on May 3rd. And if you have a topic that you would like for us to discuss, please email, please rate and review our podcast on your favorite platform. And don't forget to follow Real Life Momz, so you don't miss an episode.