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Sept. 20, 2022

Nourish, Making Healthy Deposits Into Our Emotional Bank Account

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In this week´s episode, we discuss self-nourishment!

Join me for my discussion with Melissa Wolak, mother, wife, Speach-Language Cognitive Therapist, Speaker, and Coach. Melissa talks about the importance of creating personal boundaries, the power of saying “no,” and important strategies to avoid becoming depleted.

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Melissa Wolak

Coach, SLP, Speaker, Mom and Nature Lover

As with all parents, Melissa Wolak, MS, CCC-SLP wears multiple hats including: Coach, licensed Speech-Language Cognitive Therapist, Speaker, Mom, Wife, Daughter, CEO of her newer passion, The NOURISH Project and many more. She is a fierce advocate for cultivating alignment, wellbeing and presence with intentional living (and less juggling). She offers a working collaboration that includes empowering mindset shifts, meaningful communication strategies and lifestyle practices for self-acceptance, nourishment and inner freedom. The foundation of her unique method connects science and soul allowing you to evolve and create a life consistent with your current values while setting boundaries to create fulfillment and impact to honor your true wisdom and give it voice. She incorporates her 25 years of experience, education with a Bachelors and Masters in Communication Science Disorders and passion for using practical, sustainable tools based in neuroscience, mindfulness and the lessons she has learned on her personal and professional journey as a recovering perfectionist and nurturer bringing herself back from the precipice of depletion and burnout.