Pausing To Reflect with Lisa Foster
Nov. 30, 2021

Meet Your Host Of Real Life Momz, Lisa Foster

Meet Your Host Of Real Life Momz, Lisa Foster
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The first episode of Real Life Momz is coming on December 14, 2021! Get to know Lisa Foster, the host of Real Life Momz, as she explains why she is so passionate about this podcast. Join the Real Life Momz Facebook group at and follow this podcast, so you don't miss an episode.



Hi, my name is Lisa Foster, and I'm your host of Real Life Momz. I just wanted to take some time before our first episode to introduce who I am.And why I thought I could start a podcast.

Well, I'm a working mom with two beautiful kids, and I am a pediatric physical therapist. A craniosacral therapist, and I do have experience with kids for the past 20 years or so, but although I've read many books and have my experience working with kids every day, nothing prepared me to become a mom. 

When I need help, I call my other mom friends. I like to call them my mom tribe. I call for everything when I need somebody to give me a pick me up, or I need to vent, or I need real advice or resources. I called my mom friends, and they are there for me; and the reason I wanted to start a podcast is I just noticed that over this whole time of the pandemic, people were starting to become more isolated, and I was wondering like does everyone have a mom tribe?Maybe they don't, and kind of a bigger picture, what if we could be each other 's mom tribe? What if we can join together and share resources that will be like one ultimate parent? So that's kind of why I'm here; I wanted to make something bigger for all moms out there to support each other to lift each other up. Each week the plan is to discuss a topic bringing another mom, and have a conversation. It's not an interview. It's almost like my mom phone calls when I need help we will discuss it and then afterward, what would be amazing is that you follow and join us on my Facebook page, which is called Real Life Momz, and there we're going to recap the episode. You can share your stories, thoughts, and resources, and now this mom community can build all over the country all over the world moms from everywhere can unite and be bonded by just the role of being parenting. So make sure you follow the Real Life Momz podcast episode first episode will drop on December 14, and make sure you join the Real Life Momz Facebook group so you can't right now go on there, introduce yourself, say hello, tell us a little about yourself, tell us what your  Hoping to discuss, tell us your needs we are here to share our resources. We are here to build each other up. I'm so excited to have this journey with you, and we will see you on December 14 for the first episode of Real Life Momz.